Test and repair services

we take component testing and repair to the next level

Logic Drives offers you testing and repair of mechanical and electronic modules and components in a sustainable and seamingly endless loop. This consists of ad-hoc services like repair, and proactive measures such as scheduled component testing of components that are critical to your production process.

During this entire cycle, and by comparison of work we do for similar customers in a certain climate or industry, we gather data that enables us to improve our repair services. By doing so, we develop circular component services that lead to predictive maintenance on component level as well as guidelines for the development of more sustainable products.


All our repair and testing work is certified and delivered with a complete report.

Our predictive maintenance system is developed around our own algorithms and actively supported by our partners and engineers.  


  • We already assess occurring events for many industrial components. 

  • Measurable data enables us to advise all users with preventative service measures on component level. 

  • We monitor and investigate critical issues and are able to upgrade individual components even after their standard / technically acceptable service lifetime.  

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