Privacy policy for using our website and are the same website. Our website communication is directed to industrial users and gathers statistical visitor data which we use for marketing purposes, such as your location, articles you’ve read, services you are interested in and the duration of your visit. Further more, a functional cookie is provided which remains active during your visit so that you can browse the website properly.


Customer communication


When filling in a webform or sending in an email, your data is used for response and follow-up purposes, and mutual communication that is tied to a project. If you no longer appreciate this, we will always remove your data when requested. For mailings you can simply unsubscribe, and removal of your customer data from our management systems can be arranged as well. 


Redress and security information


The information we gather about you, your projects and so on, is not sold to third parties and your data is kept secure, for internal purposes only. We do not use or have affiliate programs.


Future policy changes


We reserve the right to make changes in this policy. If you agree to our terms of use, then this does not mean ‘ indefinitely’ . With each visit to our website you will be able to read these terms again, and decide whether you still agree or not.


Contact information


Matthijssen Logic Drives

E-mail: info (AT)

Phone: +31 26 840 1767

Registered with the chamber of commerce in Arnhem, the Netherlands under number 66790867