Remanufactured product exchange

Costs down, quality up

Within the next decade, cleaner and better technology will undoubtedly enter the market which might radically change the way you produce or control your production processes. 


You may expect that the new technology is entirely different and disruptive for your current production processes, which calls for a larger investment. Without a doubt, government and stakeholders will demand that you implement such new technology when the time comes. 

We think that this can be an important reason for you to consider remanufactured units. First of all, you will save a good percentage on the price of new units that are critical to your process. And the other benefits are even greater, let us summarize:

  • Stock delivery

  • Modern and Factory obsolete units

  • Tested prior to shipment

  • 18 month warranty

  • Contribution to the environment

  • Sustainable and renewed replacement products


Besides, our management solutions will support you in this phase as well as the next. Logic Drives’ work protocol is developed around maintenance engineers’ findings and quality concerns about services such as active exchange and repair. And we are willing to listen and expand our services if you have more considerations.

We have many exchange units available that are already remanufactured and tested. The difference between remanufacturing and repair is that - besides the defects - also the critical components are assessed and replaced. This makes the available units in our remanufactured exchange program as good as new, and they are supplied with a warranty.


In return, we expect you to send your defective units back so that we can keep this rotable stock system in place.