Syringe Pump HP-30 with Wi-Fi | Logic Drives

Syringepump Medcaptain HP-30 with Wi-Fi 

Medical grade touchscreen | 9 Infusion mode including PCA | Connectable with HIS/CIS via either WIFI or LAN


* 20 recent therapies are recorded and can be used for rapid infusion

* Infusion rate can be changed anytime during infusion

* Continuous infusion among any pump with docking station at any more

* Manual and auto screen lock

* 5 sound levels

* When ac/dc power supply is cut off, infusion switches to internal battery supply

* syringe installation: Manual, Auto or Auto-Manual

* WiFi connection to central infusion monitoring system, nurse caller, voice communication and infusion pump information network

* Barcode scanning for patient information input

* USB 2.0, 3.0, Mini USB 2.0, RJ45 and WIFI data interface


Power supply AC 100-240, 50/60hz. Power consumption 45VA

External DC 12V, 2,5 A

Internal battery Lithium 10,8V  3000mAh. Battery duration 10 hrs @5ml/h with a new battery. Charging time min 4 hrs when power off.

Syringe Pump HP-30 with Wi-Fi

  • Tested prior to shipment. Same day shipping from the Netherlands. European warranty 12 months. Delivery including conformity certificate, TUV and ISO9001:2015 certificate.