Syringe Pump SYS-50 standard | Logic Drives

syringe pump SyS-50A (standard) Medcaptain

3.5"  touchscreen | 8 Infusion mode | Connectable with HIS/CIS and MP-900 infusion central monitoring system via cable.

EN1789 certified for ambulances and medical transportation vehicles. Type CF, Class I, IPX24 | Compatible with all standard syringes of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 & 60 ml


* 20 recent therapies are recorded and used by simple selection.

* Continuous titration; Changing flow rate without stopping infusion


* Repeated alarm after 2 mins. Repeated errors mute the alarm.

* Alarms: Near finished, finished, syringe empty, syringe near empty, OCL, pressure  alarm, Low/empty/no Battery, no power supply, syringe unknown, syringe install error, standby end, syringe start fail, reminder alarm

* Auto screen lock; Available

* 11 occlusion levels selectable, 225 mmHg-975mmHg (30kPa-130kPa)


* When ac/dc power supply is cut off, infusion switches to internal battery supply automatically.

* Wired connection. USB data interface.


Power supply AC 100-240, 50/60hz. Power input 40VA

External DC 12V, 1,5 A

Internal battery Lithium 10.8V  2600mAH. Battery duration 10 hrs @5ml/h under room temperature. Charging time within 5 hrs when power off, 10 hrs when power on.

Syringe Pump SYS-50 standard

  • Tested prior to shipment. Same day shipping from the Netherlands. European warranty 12 months. Delivery including conformity certificate, TUV and ISO9001:2015 certificate.