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Logic Drives is a technical wholesale distributor specialized in programmable logic controllers, instrumentation and drive systems. Our company was founded in 2015 and has developed strong relationships with customers all over Europe since then. From our head office and climatized warehouse in Arnhem, the Netherlands, we ship our goods to customers' work locations. What makes us different is that we ship off the shelf, have the know-how and network to find obsolete spare parts, and are not limited to what is in stock. We manage quality, time and specifications and we can handle large quantities and complete projects.


On our website we do not show any pricing; we strongly believe that the customers we serve require full service in the form of a detailed quotation with up-to-date information regarding the product specifications and the delivery time for each item, so that they can plan the maintenance for their projects. In general, it takes us a day or two to prepare a complete, formal proposal for products and training courses. 

In reality, what you will find is that we provide the best customer experience in Europe, with the cheapest shipping method possible. Planned on-time delivery, Track & Trace and insured.



All hardware and instrumentation that is required for the control of your HVAC systems. We provide all documentation for the installation of materials on-site. The goods can be shipped to your central warehouse or customers' location, port or dock.


All new hardware like circuit boards and power supplies, VME boards, cables, eproms and turbine instrumentation that is required by independent service providers and turbine maintenance crew for daily operations and annual planned maintenance of the turbine control system as well as the turbine itself.  We actively promote cost saving options if time allows it, like the repair of circuit boards and have an active exchange programme. The decision is entirely up to you.


The time that everyone with a soldering iron could repair a circuit board, is something that was a reality in the '80-s. We have the know-how, based on trial, error and costly experience, that every type of circuit board and damage requires a different specialism - and specialist.


From multilayer printed circuit boards to power supplies and VME controllers, Logic Drives derives the work to specialized remanufacturing facilities that are able to test components after the repair work, which saves you a lot of trouble once it is returned to the site. By combining your work with that of others, we are able to ensure shorter turnaround times and a sharp price. When returning to the site, work can be combined with the supply of new additional spare parts.


Not Only Do We Organize Repair Of Damaged Components, Even Upgrading The Revision Level And Firmware Are Possibilities We Can Offer. For More Information, You Now Know How To Contact.