Circular Management as a service

Documented, tamper-proof and guaranteed

Implementing a circular process within one organization alone is difficult. Therefore, we centralized these efforts for users of similar equipment in various industries. 

As a service, we extend the technical life of selected components for as long as you need them. Meanwhile, LogicDrives improves the know-how and craftsmanship of qualified repair shops within our network by sharing work data. We support pan-European maintenance teams to go as sustainable as possible. 

We specialize in mechanical, instrumentation and control system spares.

  • Our solutions on component level support high level circular stages.

  • Data is used to develop more sustainable products.

  • We ensure continuous quality monitoring in a sustainable and almost endless loop.

  • We manage a centralized exchange between users.

In addition, we can help you to set up a circular management system for your business specifically.


Within your organisation, we identify the components that are suitable for a sustainable approach and make sure the required service level meets your standards. In addition, we ensure a centralized exchange so you will benefit from an abundance of reliable spare parts.

To give you an idea about the sectors we serve, we created a product overview for you.

From the point of entry, each and any spare part within the circular chain is identified uniquely and accompanied by a tamper-proof documentation process. The circular spares in our exchange fleet and the remanufacturing cycle are continuously monitored and improved with Lean Six Sigma®.

Our circular solutions extend the technical product lifetime of your components in a controlled remanufacturing and exchange cycle. As a result, you will benefit from a more sustainable and considerably greener solution to your maintenance process. 

Further more, cross sharing data of occurring events and experiences leads to: 

  • A reliable repair cycle.

  • Product life extension.

  • Shorter repair turnaround times .

  • The development of more sustainable products.

  • Predictive maintenance and proactive actions on component level.

We also assist you if you have a single component or circuit board that needs repair. Just follow the link to receive a repair quotation. For more information about our blockchain based approach, you can scroll our brochure which is available on scribd as well: