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We are lean specialists in PLC, drive systems and instrumentation, used in power generation, medical applications and hvac systems. We stock ABB Procontrol circuit boards, Alstom Microrec, Johnson controls HVAC parts and Medical Syringe pumps for hospitals. 

Our product lines:

Power Generation

ABB Procontrol P13 and P14 | Allen Bradley | Alstom Microrec k4.1 | GE Speedtronic mark II, IV, V, VI and VIe | | Moog Servo valves | Thermocouples  | BHGE and Honeywell Flame detectors | Rustronic | GE Druck


Utility and HVAC

Johnson Controls HVAC | Siemens S5 and S7




We specialize in Programmable Logic Controllers used in marine, industrial applications and power engineering. Our scope of supply covers everything from HVAC controls to DCS and Turbine controls, and from Circuit boards to Instrumentation. Our offices are based in the Netherlands, close to Europe's largest port in Rotterdam and near Germany's main industrial area. With a background in Power Engineering we have the experience to organize technical training courses ; we supply European as well as American spares and actively bundle consignments.

The renowned Logic Drives quality management system is applied by many plant managers world-wide, to extend the lifetime of electronic components.
It enables you to easily assess the quality of existing stock, the status of your controls and enables you to implement a management system that helps you to stay in control for years to come. Developed based on user statistics world-wide and assessed in accordance with Six Sigma.

We offer full OEM based circuit board repair which enables us to bundle items and to supply for complete maintenance projects. Also look at our OEM repair options in combined bulk orders. Our quality management system makes sure that you receive your own components back and we babysit them back to your doorstep.


We are known about our highest quality spares; obvious when new, but even in an unused condition which means; fully functional, no damage and no hotspots, cleaned and tested. Guaranteed !


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HVAC Controls

Product overview Johnson Controls HVAC systems

Obsolete component? We repair, test and certify multilayer circuit boards, servo valves and more.



Outsource your specialized procurement and stay within budget with cost saving options.


Simulated maintenance training that goes beyond the HMI