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Logic Drives is a technical wholesale distributor with an extensive repair programme of Industrial spare parts that fits the needs of any gas turbine user.


We are suppliers of industrial spare parts online and offer spare parts and component repair services as well as testing in a one-stop shop concept. 


Over the last decade, the global petrochemical and steel industries as well as power generation needs have radically shifted from classic and conventional buying towards a more sustainable and cost-saving environment. 

For these industries, operators and owners we  offer a first class lifetime extension and testing programme for industrial spare parts. 

We are proud to take lead in the circular economy and specialize in the overhaul and testing of instrumentation and control spares. Regardless of the OEM / Equipment manufacturer and age of your equipment, we offer a unique specialty that gets the job done. 

Flow divider overhaul and  testing

The roper and scherzinger flow dividers are overhauled and tested by specialized engineers. We have many spare parts at hand for a standard to medium overhaul, so that we can ensure good turnaround times. At the end of the line, testing is a standard procedure for us. 
The flow dividers are brought back to you including a detailed repair and flow testing report.  From standard overhaul to heavy repair, the work is carried out adequately and professionally. 

Industrial Circuit board repair service

Logic Drives offer Printed circuit board testing and repair services for generator, steam and gas turbine control panels of many circuit board manufacturers and brands like abb, alstom, rustronic, nuovo pignone, hitachi, siemens, and general electric. 
Besides the knowledge of how to repair burnt circuit boards, we test the components function using live turbine simulation training software connected to an actual drive system or panel. This makes our services stand out.

From vintage control systems like procontrol, s5 and speedtronic to the latest s7 or mark Vie, your components are in the right hands. 

Valves repair and remanufacturing

We are experienced in the repair of servo, check and bleed valves. Besides the standard repair, the valves are completely overhauled and remanufactured to extend its' lifetime using factory advised spares as well as a specialized assessment. Our service for Moog valves is unique; Further details are mentioned to you when submitting an inquiry.

Flow testing of fuel nozzles

We can test and repair turbine fuel nozzles from conventional to DLN, including a flow test report. An excellent way to set up rotable and reliable stock for your powerstation.

Repair of white metal bearings

From spot repair to a complete overhaul and removal of white metal or adjustment of dimensions. Our CNC miling capabilities vary from small gearbox bearings to thrust pads and bearings for heavy-duty gas turbines up to 140 MW. 

Quality management

The entire lifetime extension programme is set up under six sigma, which is managed from our office in the Netherlands. We can handle a variety of components and different brands at once, manage the repair cycle and can work with any OEM.  You should choose us for our reliable turnaround times, laboratory testing and documentation. 


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